2023 Price Lists for Wedding Florists in Toronto

Wedding flower prices are increasing year-over-year, so I recommend couples book their florist early to avoid further price markups. A huge part of booking a florist is price comparison (but remember to do your research and look for reviews too!). I've compiled a convenient list of some of most affordable florists in the Toronto area for 2023 and 2024 brides.

Things to keep in mind when comparing pricing guides:

  • You get what you pay for - florists that charge a premium for their services are likely charging that because they have years of floral expertise. Florists that are charging cheaper prices might be earlier in their career.
  • Flower choice and colour can increase or decrease price - if you're set on having a certain colour or flower type, your florist will have to adjust their price based on this. Some florists will help you choose in-season flowers to keep costs down.
  • Ask for reviews and recommendations - there are tons of Facebook groups, forums, and other online places to look for reviews and ask for honest recommendations.

Pricing Guides for Toronto Florists

Fresh Flowers


Artificial Flower Rentals

For couples who would consider renting artificial flowers, here is a quick look at what you would be paying for fresh flowers versus rental flowers from Bushel and Bloom.

Bridal bouquet - $60

Bridesmaid bouquet - $40

Corsage - $12

Boutonniere - $9

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