Top Wedding Florists in Toronto For 2024

Searching for the perfect wedding florist in Toronto can be as enchanting as it is overwhelming. Much like the quest for a photographer, couples often find themselves navigating a maze of choices, from budget considerations to ensuring the florist aligns with their vision. Having experienced the trials and triumphs of this process firsthand, I understand the significance of curating a list that not only reflects the diversity and artistry of Toronto's floristry scene but also meets the varying needs of couples tying the knot in 2024. So, I've curated a list of the top 10 wedding florists in Toronto, Ontario for 2024 based on considerations including florist artistry, overall costumer reviews and trust, and price. 

  • Most affordable: Bushel & Bloom
  • Most trusted: Sweetpea's
  • Most options: VintageBASH


1. Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers is one of Toronto's most trusted and used wedding florists. With over 600 Google Reviews, and options for every budget, they are a trusted flower professional. Unlike traditional florists, Wild North offers a la carte wedding flowers with a minimum order of only $350.00. (Compare this to the average order minimum of over $3000.00 for many florists in the GTA!). A la carte pricing samples: 

  • Bridal Bouquets: $300
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets: $185
  • Small Centerpieces: $100
  • Standard Centerpieces: $150 - $300

Price per piece is higher than average in the Toronto area. However, the guaranteed high quality service is worth the cost for your special day!


2. Sweetpea's 


Sweetpea's  has been a top choice in the Toronto area for years. They've updated their website to have an informative wedding flower quote calculator so you can estimate your flower budget with them. The style varies from basic to luxury for each product. Some example prices include: 

  • Bridal Bouquet: $250 - $575
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: $125 - $275
  • Boutonniere: $36 - $55
  • Corsage: $50 - $65
  • Pew Markers: $45 - $65
  • Bud vases: $35 - $45
  • Centerpieces: $165 - $250

Sweetpea's also mentions that due to the rising cost of living in general, prices may fluctuate. They are good about using eco-friendly practices and adjusting to the changing wedding market. You won't be dissapointed if you go with Sweetpea's!


3. Botany Floral Studio

Similar to Wild North Flowers, Botany Floral Studio is accessible to many budgets via their a la carte ordering style, with no order minimum. However, for a full service wedding from May to October, their minimum order spend is $5000. To give you an idea of their pricing: 

  • Bridal Bouquet: $250 - $350
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: $150 - $225
  • Boutonnieres: $20
  • Arches: $800 + rental cost
  • Reception Centerpiece: $150+
  • Bud vases: $25 each

Although their prices are above average, they book a limited number of weddings per year to ensure they deliver high quality designs to their clients. 


4. VintageBASH

With over 2000 clients since 2017, VintageBASH is a trusted team for florals and rentals in the GTA. You'll be super pleased with their huge online catalog of rental items from arches to vases. For their floral services, a la carte as well as full service is offered. Here is a sample of their a la carte pricing: 

  • Bridal Bouquet: $175 - $350
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: $45 - $150
  • Boutonniere: $18
  • Corsage: $65
  • Low Centerpiece: $45 - $250

In addition to fresh flowers, they also have faux flower rentals for couples on a tighter budget, or who prefer the predictability of artificial flowers. VintageBASH is a very practical vendor to consider, as you can get all of your florals and rentals from one company instead of multiple. 


5. Bushel & Bloom

Bushel & Bloom is not your typical wedding florist - they offer flower rentals in the Toronto area with a 10 day rental period. Brides on a tight budget or who don't want the stress of fresh blooms on their wedding day often go this route. With prices that are about 50% less than fresh flower vendors, Bushel & Bloom helps make beautiful wedding flowers accessible to any couple. Sample prices include: 

  • Bridal Bouquet: $60
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: $40
  • Boutonniere: $9
  • Corsage: $12
  • Low Centerpiece: $75
  • Arch Flowers: $150+

Bushel & Bloom offers a la carte pre-made collections, or custom rentals for couples searching for that extra touch. 


As we wrap up our journey through Toronto's blooming wedding scene, I hope this curated list of the top wedding florists in Toronto, Ontario for 2024 proves to be both a practical guide and a source of inspiration for couples embarking on their floral adventure. From trendy arrangements to timeless classics, each florist on this list brings a unique touch to the canvas of your special day. Remember, just as you did with photographers, let your choice of florist be a harmonious reflection of your style, personality, and the love that binds you. As you traverse the floral landscapes of Toronto, may the petals of creativity, passion, and commitment unfurl in perfect harmony, creating a tapestry of memories that will forever bloom in your hearts. Happy floral planning!

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