How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in Toronto?

Planning a wedding in 2022 comes with a list of challenges. Post-COVID wedding prices are real. It's important to put a budget in place for each vendor, including flowers.

Budgeting for a photographer or venue isn't too complicated, but wedding flowers can get a bit intense. It's helpful to first come up with a list of items that you think you'll need. Think about your floor plan, the number of tables you have, and how large your wedding party is. Ask yourself if you need ceremony flowers or reception flowers.

A typical couple might create a list like this: 1 bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 3 corsages, 6 boutonnieres, a toss bouquet, 2 large ceremony pieces, 10 small aisle decor pieces, cake flowers, signing table flowers, 15 low centerpieces, and a head table garland.

Then, put together a Pinterest board to create a visual representation of what you want. Begin by selecting a colour palette and save pins that would help your florist understand your needs.

When it's time to get quotes from florists, present them with a list and inspiration photos so they can give you an accurate estimate. If you just show up and say "I need wedding flowers", it's going to be a lot harder for a florist to give you a quote.

Typical flower prices for a 2022 or 2023 Toronto wedding are:

  • Bridal bouquet - $250 and up
  • Bridesmaid bouquet - $80 and up
  • Corsages - $35
  • Boutonnieres - $20
  • Garlands - $20/ft for greenery, $30/ft with flowers
  • Low centerpieces - $100 and up
  • Ceremony flowers - $400 and up

Additional delivery and setup fees may be added onto your quote. You may feel shocked and think, "don't all of these flowers just go into the garbage at the end of the night anyway?"

If you're on a budget and flowers aren't at the top of your bucket list, consider renting artificial flowers (that's exactly what we do at Bushel and Bloom!). It saves you a lot of money, and the flowers are repurposed for future weddings rather than thrown out. For comparison, here are some of the prices for my rental flowers (10 day rentals):

  • Bridal bouquet - $60
  • Bridesmaid bouquet - $40
  • Corsages - $12
  • Boutonnieres - $9
  • Garlands - $60 (6ft)
  • Low centerpieces - $75 each
  • Ceremony flowers - $150

Another advantage to choosing artificial flowers is the ability to see them well in advance of your wedding. You'll have time to get adjustments to your flowers rather than just having faith that what you get on your wedding day is what you want.



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