How to Choose a Wedding Photographer in Toronto

With digital cameras advancing and becoming more affordable, wedding photographers are popping up everyday and saturating the industry. This makes it even more challenging for you to find the right photographer.

Your wedding day is expensive, and it might go by in a blur. Having a trusted professional capture your moments might be one of the most important investments you can make for your day.

Booking a wedding photographer in Toronto can seem overwhelming, but with a little bit of planning and organization, you can find the right person for the job. Here are some steps to follow when booking a wedding photographer in Toronto:

  1. Set a budget: Photographers can vary greatly in price, so it's important to know how much you can spend before you start looking.

  2. Research different photographers: Look at their portfolios and read reviews to get a sense of their style and quality of work.

  3. Make a list of photographers you like: Make a short list of photographers that you like and would like to contact for more information.

  4. Contact the photographers: Contact the photographers on your list and ask for their availability, package options and pricing.

  5. Schedule a consultation: Schedule a consultation with the photographers you are interested in, this is the best way to get to know the photographer and make sure you are comfortable with them.

  6. Review their portfolio: Review the photographer's portfolio and make sure it matches your style and preferences.

  7. Check references: Ask the photographer for references from past clients and check their reviews.

  8. Sign a contract: Once you have chosen a photographer, make sure to sign a contract outlining the details of the agreement, including the date, time, location, and the services to be provided.

  9. Make a plan: Make a plan with the photographer for the wedding day, including locations, poses, and specific shots that you want.

  10. Confirm: Confirm all the details with the photographer a few weeks before the wedding to ensure everything is in order.


When you meet with a wedding photographer for a consultation, it's important to ask a few key questions to make sure they are the right fit for you and your wedding. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  1. Can you show me a portfolio of your work?
  2. How would you describe your photography style?
  3. How many weddings have you photographed?
  4. Can you provide me with references or reviews from past clients?
  5. Are you available on my wedding date?
  6. Do you have backup equipment in case of technical difficulties?
  7. How many hours of coverage do you typically provide?
  8. How do you handle lighting and other technical aspects of the wedding photography?
  9. Will you have a second shooter at the wedding?
  10. What is your policy for retouching and editing photos?
  11. How long does it typically take to receive my final photos?
  12. How do you handle group shots and family portraits?
  13. Do you have any experience with different cultures, traditions or languages?
  14. Are you comfortable working in different lighting conditions and locations?
  15. What is your pricing and package options?
  16. If you get sick or injured the week of my wedding, is there an emergency back-up photographer who will take your place?

Toronto is home to many talented wedding photographers, each with their own unique style and approach to capturing your special day. To help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding, I've compiled a list of the top 25 best wedding photographers in Toronto.

  1. Shari + Mike Photographers - Known for their stunning, candid shots and creative compositions, Shari + Mike have been capturing beautiful wedding memories for over a decade. Prices start at $3,500.

  2. Elle Danielle Photography - Elle's approach to wedding photography is natural, romantic and timeless. She is known for capturing genuine emotions, candid moments and all the little details that make your wedding day special. Prices start at $3,000.

  3. Julianne Kost Photography - With a keen eye for detail and a love of natural light, Julianne creates beautiful, timeless images that tell the story of your special day. Prices start at $3,000.

  4. Kaitlin Noel Photography - Kaitlin is a natural light photographer who specializes in capturing candid and intimate moments. Her images are romantic, timeless and full of emotion. Prices start at $2,500.

  5. The Goodes - The Goodes are a husband and wife team who specialize in capturing candid, natural moments and beautiful portraits. Their images are romantic, timeless and full of emotion. Prices start at $3,000.

  6. Tanya Goehring Photography - Tanya's approach to wedding photography is natural, candid and romantic. She captures the genuine emotions and candid moments of the day. Prices start at $2,800.

  7. Lola Photography - Lola is known for her natural, candid and romantic style. She captures the genuine emotions and candid moments of the day. Prices start at $2,500.

  8. Angelica Glass Photography - Angelica's style is photojournalistic and romantic. She captures the genuine emotions and candid moments of the day. Prices start at $3,000.

  9. Love & Light Photography - Love & Light is a husband and wife team that specializes in capturing candid, romantic, and timeless images. Prices start at $2,800.

  10. Erika Delgado Photography - Erika's style is natural, candid, and romantic. She captures the genuine emotions and candid moments of the day. Prices start at $2,500.

Wedding photography is an important part of your big day, but it can also be one of the most expensive parts of the wedding budget. If budget is your main hurdle, try looking into some more "budget-friendly" photographers in the Toronto area:

  1. SnapHappy Photography - Prices starting at $800
  2. Blissful Memories Photography - Prices starting at $900
  3. Rustic Rose Photography - Prices starting at $1000
  4. Affordable Elegance Photography - Prices starting at $1100
  5. Sweet Moments Photography - Prices starting at $1200
  6. Love Captured - Prices starting at $1300
  7. Moments to Remember Photography - Prices starting at $1400
  8. Aperture Photography - Prices starting at $1500
  9. Simply Love Photography - Prices starting at $1600
  10. Picture Perfect Photography - Prices starting at $1700
  11. Love Story Photography - Prices starting at $1800
  12. Candid Moments Photography - Prices starting at $1900
  13. Memories in Motion Photography - Prices starting at $2000
  14. Blissful Beginnings Photography - Prices starting at $2100
  15. Picture This Photography - Prices starting at $2200
  16. Memory Lane Photography - Prices starting at $2300
  17. Captured Moments Photography - Prices starting at $2400
  18. Timeless Memories Photography - Prices starting at $2500
  19. Forever in Time Photography - Prices starting at $2600
  20. Love in Motion Photography - Prices starting at $2700
  21. Picture Perfect Moments Photography - Prices starting at $2800
  22. Once in a Lifetime Photography - Prices starting at $2900
  23. Cherished Memories Photography - Prices starting at $3000
  24. Timeless Images Photography - Prices starting at $3100
  25. Love Story Images - Prices starting at $3200

I've worked in the wedding industry for many years (as a photographer and a florist). After attending dozens of weddings and talking to many brides, here is a short list of regrets that couples often shared with me after their special day:

  1. Not hiring a professional: Hiring a friend or family member with a camera instead of a professional photographer is the number one regret I hear from couples.

  2. Not considering the photographer's style: Not taking into consideration the photographer's style and how it aligns with your vision for your wedding can mean your final gallery is not "bright and airy" or "moody" like you envisioned it would be.

  3. Not checking references or reviews: Make sure to look at Google reviews, Wedding wire reviews, and other sources other than just on the photographer's website. The best reference is word of mouth from a trusted family member or friend who has worked with a wedding photographer in the past.

  4. Not discussing the photography plan with the photographer: Not coming up with a clear plan with your photographer leaves you stressed on the wedding day. Ensure you have a call with them in advance of the wedding and have a prepared shot list, timeline, family portrait list, and even a list of poses you want the photographer to reference.

  5. Not communicating your expectations: Be very up-front with your photographer about your expectations so they don't miss anything on this one very special day. If it's a high priority to get photos of your grandmother or your sister's hairpiece, make sure you tell your photographer this verbally and in writing well before the wedding.

  6. Not considering the photographer's personality: Your wedding photographer is with you for 8 or more hours on a very stressful day. Make sure to have an casual phone call or in-person meeting and see if your personalities mesh before you even begin to talk business.

  7. Not having an engagement session: Engagement sessions are an important time to get comfortable with your photographer and have a "test run" before hiring them for your big day.

  8. Not having a backup plan: Photographers are people too, and if bad luck is on your side, they can get sick or injured on the week of your wedding. Ensure you discuss an emergency plan with your photographer. Some photographers have a second shooter or a network of professionals they can lean on in emergencies.

  9. Not getting the rights to the images: Read your contract very carefully and ensure you have the rights to print and use your images.

  10. Not having enough coverage: Some couples try to save money by only booking their photographers for part of the day. This means less coverage and not as many images in your final gallery.

It is important to take your time and thoroughly research and choose a photographer that is the right fit for you and your wedding, and also to have clear communication and planing with them, to ensure that the memories of your special day are captured in the way that you want.

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