Where to Buy Ling's Moment Flowers in Canada

If you've searched online for artificial wedding flowers, you've likely come across Ling's Moment. This business is well known for pre-made artificial wedding decor and DIY wedding decor kits. However, if you're a bride in Canada, you also probably know Ling's Moment doesn't ship to Canada. Here are some places you can search:


1. Amazon

If you do a search for Ling's Moment on Amazon, you'll come across most but not all of their flowers. I found the prices add up quickly because you need to pay an import fee deposit and shipping is expensive. Here are a few links:


2. Facebook

There are a few Ling's Moment Facebook groups specifically for buying and selling Ling's Moment decor. Brides that have had their wedding already will generally sell their decor at 80% of the cost they purchased it for. The used market for these flowers is surprisingly still expensive, likely because the flowers were only used for one day. Facebook Marketplace is also a good place to search.


3. Rent Ling's Moment Flowers

There are a few businesses across Canada that rent artificial wedding flowers. Bushel & Bloom (that's me!) rents Ling's Moment flowers to brides in the Toronto area. Couples can choose from pre-made bouquets, or get a custom order and enjoy them for 10 days. Then, once their wedding is finished, they don't have to worry about reselling their flowers. This is one of the most affordable floral options in the Toronto area.


4. eBay

eBay is another great place to look for used Ling's Moment flowers. Shipping costs can be high though, as most of the sellers are in the United States.


5. Look for alternatives

There are many vendors similar to Ling's Moment that sell the same flowers, just under a different brand (unfortunately, they all come from China). Some alternatives include Floroom, Lookein (a bit of a strange name, but they're actually cheaper than Ling's Moment), and Serra Flora.

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