Where to Rent Wedding Arches in Toronto

Almost every modern wedding has some form of arch or backdrop for the ceremony. Whether you're purchasing or renting, it can become a surprisingly expensive piece of decor that guests only have their eyes on for about 30 minutes of your day. Flowers, delivery, and setup can be a big part of this price tag. I've compiled a convenient list of the best places to rent arches and backdrops from in the Toronto area. 

1. Vintage Bash

Vintage Bash is one of Toronto's most trusted event decor rental businesses. They have a huge selection of florals, vases, arches, and backdrop rentals. Their average backdrop rental is about $750.00 before delivery and setup. Most of their backdrops are very elaborate with a lot of florals. I recommend this for couples who have a larger budget and are looking for more dramatic decor.


2. Floral Walls Canada

Floral Walls Canada has very competitive pricing with flower wall rentals starting at $299 before delivery, and arch rentals with faux flowers starting at $399 before delivery.


3. Weddings by Ardenian

One thing that's really awesome about this vendor is the faux and fresh options for each backdrop and arch setup. Faux backdrops start around $1000, and fresh start at $2000.


4. Magic Flowers Event Rentals

Magic Flowers Event Rentals has over 50 unique backdrop and arch rental options for different occasions. If you're looking for just an arch with no flowers, rentals start around $250. Very budget friendly!


5. Robinson Event Rentals

Robinson Event Rentals has the most competitive pricing for arch rentals, but a more limited selection. A round arch starts at $100, and add-ons include drapery for $75 or faux flowers for an additional cost.


6. Peachwood Events

Another great option for couples looking for affordable and minimal arch rentals. Not every couple wants to rent an arch covered in flowers! This vendor has basic arch rentals starting at $150.


7. Bushel & Bloom

Bushel & Bloom (that's me!) offers plain arch rentals, with custom add-ons for rent including drapery and faux florals. One of the most customizable options in town if you're not going to use fresh flowers.


8. Facebook Marketplace

Small event decor business owners regularly post their items for rent on Facebook Marketplace. Just do a search in your local area. You can also find handmade or lightly used wedding arches from past brides. Reduce, reuse, recycle!


9. Etsy

Although Etsy doesn't offer rental arches, some sellers offer surprisingly competitive pricing for arches. It's usually pretty easy to re-sell arches after your wedding.


10. Amazon, Wayfair, eFavormart

You may want to browse these sites to see what's available, but I highly recommend looking at local options before purchasing from these marketplaces. I've heard horror stories and had a few of my own after risking an online arch purchase - unexpected import fees, parts missing, expensive shipping, and wobbly arches that fall over in a light wind. Save yourself the trouble, and rent a sturdy, local arch instead!


Arches are expensive whether you rent or purchase, so here are a few tips to help you stay in budget:

  • Fake flowers over fresh. Fresh arch flowers are one the the most expensive parts of a florist quote due to the intense labour and quantity of flowers needed. Even a simple fresh floral arch swag can cost a few hundred dollars. Plus, if you're doing an outdoor ceremony in the sun and heat, I find arch flowers start to droop and look a bit sad. You can get away with faux flowers because guests generally don't look up close at your arch.
  • Remember, it's only 20 minutes. Wedding ceremonies are short and sweet, and all eyes are on you and your partner. Guests typically don't remember much about decor, especially your arch.
  • Reuse the arch in your reception. Instead of renting more decor for your head table, repurpose your arch as a backdrop behind you! Just make sure to appoint 2 strong people on the day of your wedding to move the arch.
  • Rent arch drapery. Drapery is much more affordable than flowers, yet still very elegant. Consider a minimal look with some fabric!
  • DIY. If you have someone handy in your family, you could build the arch and stain it yourself right in your backyard! After the wedding, repurpose the arbour in your garden, or sell it on Facebook Marketplace to recoup your building costs.
  • Rent all of your decor from one place. If you try and hire too many vendors, delivery and setup fees can add up quickly. Even if Vendor A has a slightly cheaper arch price, if you already hired Vendor B and they offer a similar option, stick with one vendor. Less vendors means less of a chance of a delivery screw-up on your wedding day!


Planning a wedding can be fun, but a bit tedious when you get done to all of the details. I wish you the best of luck while searching for arch rentals! Don't forget to check Pinterest for arch decor inspiration.

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